SWISSCOIN-Now for you 100 free coins


SWISSCOIN-Now for you 100 free coins,

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♛♛♛ SWISSCOIN ♛♛♛ – Prepare for the big event in february 04. 2017 in Dubai. Register now here and start to buy a package and attend in the launching for public trading of coin.


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Now for you 100 free coins. SwissCoin offers 5 revenue opportunities 10% Bonus 10% Fast Start Team Bonus up to 22% 11 levels of Matching Bonus Diamond Pool 1% of global turnover Don’t miss this new opportunity join in SWISSCOIN


• The company is registered with the Zurich (Switzerland) Chamber of Commerce • The company is based in the New Cypto Valley in Canton (Switzerland) where all emerging blockchain technology companies will be based • Officially launched on 4th June 2016 • The Company had their very first Split and the difficulty level was 1%. Everyone received 1 Coin for 1 Token. The second Split is coming very soon and the difficulty level will be very, very low. • The value of the coin started to increase after the Split and more than doubled from €0.03 to €0.08 • The company has made it easy for everyone to join with packages starting from only €25 up to €15,000 • Withdrawals are directly to your bank and arrive within 5 working days • A MasterCard will be issued to all members in October • The company is holding a convention in Dubai where the announcement of SwissCoin entering the public exchange market and SwissCoin merchants will be announced – online merchants are already confirmed • More than 500,000 members in only three months This is huge and many members have already earned thousands in bonuses from the company.


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