Become Crorepathy with Rs.100/-

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Become Crorepathy with Rs.100/-,

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Joining Option (A) Rs.100/- Product Mobile Radiation Patch

              (B)  Rs.1000/- Product Wrist Watch

Income (A) 50% of joining amount from every direct no limit and no capping

       (B) 20% from your direct up to unlimited and no capping

       (C) Royalty 10% of your every direct referal income 

Level Income 1 From Your direct odd number members i.e.1,3,5…
you will get Rs.20 from their downline  even number members i.e 2,4,6….

Level Income 2  From your direct even number members your will get Rs.20/-
from their downline odd number members 

Give 5 direct for Royalty  sponsor id VJ380562

NAME: Krishnan
CONTACT NO : 8281454118
EMAIL ID : [email protected]
FACEBOOK LINK: [email protected]
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