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I am Brianne Hovey!

Are you ready to bust through your limiting beliefs and set your soul on fire!?!? Oh yeah! So today I’m going to share with you guys how to find more people to join you in your network marketing business and become an inspired leader just like you. Don’t we all want that, right? I’m going to share a little story with you guys before we get going. About two years ago, I had a leader on our network marketing business team who is an inspired leader. Such a beautiful soul, building an amazing network marketing business.

In this time of her network marketing business she was just getting going. She was in those early stages. She was super passionate. She was wanting her network marketing team to grow faster than it was growing. She attended a leadership training and walking out of that leadership training I asked her the question:

“How did it go? What did you learn? What was your favorite part

And she said:

“Bri, I realized what I’ve been missing and I said:

“What have you been missing friend?”

And she said:

“I realized I need to find more network marketing business leaders

And I said:

“No friend. You need to develop more network marketing leaders.”

Here’s the thing guys, she had plenty of people on her network marketing team that wanted to build this network marketing business but so many times we think that it has to happen overnight. We see these young guys coming in with all these hopes and dreams and they’re not moving as fast as we want them to. They’re not seeing the success we want to them to see. Additionally, they don’t have the belief level that we expect them to have and then we think: “Oh they’re not going to do it, I need more leaders, I need to find some more people to join this network marketing business with me we.

Here’s how we develop more network marketing leaders. Ready!? First off, we have to sit down with the brand new people who are all passionate and excited and on fire to build a network marketing business with you. Furthermore, we have to set them up for success. So the first thing you do is you sit down and you discover why are they doing this?

What is their true driving why? And then you really turn around and make that part of your why and you tell them how committed you are to helping them reach their dreams. But they have to show up just as much as you show up. Tell them that you will meet them in the middle and your goal is to get them to the point where they’ve spread their wings and they taken off and they become their own network marketing business leader in this business as fast as possible. So now you see in them even from the start more than maybe they’ve seen in themselves up to this point and you set them up for success knowing what to expect what’s ahead and how to get there.

Now some of you guys are sitting here thinking well that’s great. As I find more network marketing leaders when I get them started but what about the guys that I already have on my team?

That said. “Well I want to build this network marketing business and they haven’t done a thing for the last year.” or they’re not moving as fast as you want them to move. What do we do with these guys? This is my favorite thing. Are you ready for this? We have a come to jesus talk with them that’s what I call it, because what we’re going to do is we’re going to sit down with them and we’re going to ask them what is it that you really want now? I know when you started this network marketing business, you said you wanted this now.

Right now you’re not showing up to that. Right now you’re not putting the time in to build this network marketing business that you said you wanted to. Right now you’re not seeing them do the things that get them to success and they’re not showing up at the level that they committed to you in the beginning. This is where you have the talk. This is where you tell them this is what it’s going to take. This is what you’re doing right now.

Do you still have the same why? Have your dreams changed because if they haven’t, let’s get you to where you need to be to really start to see fulfillment and results in this network marketing business. So whether you have somebody brand new on your team that you’re getting going or you have an oldie but goodie that once had a dream to build this network marketing business with you, you really want to focus on three things to really jumpstart where they’re at right now to get them to where they want to go and develop them as leaders.


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