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Is Monat a Scam?

While I do say that it’s probably best to stay away from it, I don’t claim it to be a scam per se.

A scam is when you invest in a company, and they simply steal your money. That’s not the case here as I explained in the video.

It’s just not a good business opportunity, especially considering the multiple lawsuits that Monat Global faced in the last few years.

Basically, even though Monat claimed to be their products all-natural, they had an adverse effect on clients who lost hair (and money as members of this MLM).

Why risk, when there are better business opportunities online?


Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme?

These days, when people hear “MLM” they automatically associate it with pyramid schemes. But this is not necessarily true.

It is true that there are MLM companies that turned out to be pyramid schemes in the past.

The common thing between MLM and pyramid scheme is that you can find in both of these business models recruiting people is necessary for income.

Naturally, when you are at the top of the pyramid, you earn more than the ones under you. This is because you get a percentage of every sale they make as a commission.
The more people you recruit as your downline, the more money you get when they start making sales.

Truth is, when it comes to MLM’s most people actually lose the money. It’s proven that the success rate is very rare with multi-level-marketing companies.


The MONAT Global is not an outright pyramid scheme since you can sell products straight to customers.

But since it is similar to pyramid schemes because of the same income-generating method of downline recruitment, some people assume it is.

In any case, you can choose to sell the products on your own rather than recruiting people to make commissions. In this case though you have to really think whether you want to sell hair products that has such a bad reputation…


What is Monat Global’s Compensation Plan?

There are several ways to earn money at MONAT:

1. Fast Start Bonus – bonuses you get during your starting period.
2. VIP Customer Sales – 15% sales commission from selling products to VIP members.
3. Retail Customer Sales – 30% sales commission on products sold at retail price.
4. Referral Bonus – $20 per referred friend that enrolls as a VIP member
5. Level Advancement Bonus – bonus you get once you reach a higher level in the pyramid.
6. Builder Bonus – $150-$1300 that you get every month.

But like I said earlier due to the recent pile of complaints and lawsuits, you will find it harder to sell this products and earn the above mentioned money.


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