Is Network Marketing A Scam?? Response To Dan Lok MLM Lies Video…

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Is Network Marketing A Scam?
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Int his video I am going to give my take on internet entrepreneur’s Dan Lok’s thoughts on multi-level
marketing and network marketing business opportunities. Dan Lok has several videos on YouTube on this subject but overall it is very clear that he is not a fan of MLM at all. I have a decent amount of experience when it comes to multi-level marketing compnay’s and do agree with a lot of the things that Dan says in his videos.

Some things you should know about network marketing:

It’s not as easy as many think it is – Those who decide to get in to network marketing should realize that to be successful in it you will ne to treat it like the business that it ultimately is. Many people get duped in to thinking that there is no work to be done and that other’s will make you rich. Keep in mind, for other’s to get you rich you need to first get the other’s on your team and working hard for this to happen.

You need to build an active team – MLM companies usually focus on it’s members building large teams of distributors. The network marketers earning potential will really depend on how big their team is an even more importantly, how much their team members are earning. To be a successful network marketer you will need to be a good recruiter and even a better teacher. You need to be able to show other’s how to sell the product and how to recruit.

It takes time – Many network marketing companies promote the idea of getting rich quick. The reality is, yes you can make money in this industry but in the majority of cases it takes time to build a solid profitable network marketing business.

Money can be made – With the right amount of time and effort anyone who wants to be successful with MLM can be, They key is to find the right company for you and put the work in to see results.

So, is network marketing a cam?

In my opinion there are some shady MLM companies out there but over all network marketing is not a scam. Yes at times people who are trying to recruit in to their company can be misleading but that’s just part of the game. A person really just needs to know exactly what multi-level marketing is and what they are getting involved with.

My network marketing recommendation!

I am currently with a great network marketing/affiliate marketing company that goes by the name Genusity. Genusity is unlike most network marketing companies that I’ve been involved with. Mainly because you do not have to build a large team to make a nice income. You also do not have to buy inventory if you do not want to and still earn a passive income. I like Genusity’s business model and plan on staying with them for years to come.

Is network marketing a scam? I’d say no but no what your getting in.


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