MLM Recruiting Techniques: The REAL Reason People Join Home Business Opportunities

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MLM Recruiting Techniques: The REAL Reason People Join Home Business Opportunities Discover one of the most powerful mlm recruiting techniques that will help people want to join you, even if you are a newbie in your home business.

Are you looking for mlm recruiting techniques that will help you stand out from the other distributors in your company so you can recruit more people into your mlm? In this video, I share one of the most powerful mlm recruiting techniquees that I learned after plugging to this training:

If you are recruiting into a home business opportunity and you don’t understand why people join, then you will struggle in your recruiting.

The reason why people join business opportunities is for the freedom and not for the money. They don’t want the money but the want what the money can give them. So take you as an example. What is your income goal? Why do you want to make that amount? Money allows people to be,do,and have something that they can’t do now.

People in our industry want more time freedom, people want more financial freedom. So in your marketing, address that but go a step further. What would they do with that additional time? For some people, they want to spend time with their family. Take it a step further, what do they want to be able to do with their family? Maybe travel the world. If that is your why, then that is what you need to be able to lead with in your marketing. Lead with that vision: I can show you how to travel the world with your family. If that is your why, now you start a movement within your company geared around that specific why and vision.

If their goal is financial freedom, when money is no longer an option for them, then what do they want to do or have? What is the answer for you?

Whatever your why is, you need to share and lead with that vision and then as you start to get success in your business, you need to start living that out. You need to start achieving some level of your why.

Leading and sharing your new-found freedom in your marketing.

These are high level mlm recruiting techniques.

To learn the core reason why people join a home business, go to:

0:07 give you some mlm recruiting techniques
0:35 this whole mlm recruiting techniques video
0:58 you will struggle in recruiting

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