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MLM Training that actually works in 2013. If you’re looking for network marketing tips, tricks and secrets to generating twenty to fifty leads per day and personally recruiting one to three people per day EVERY DAY then read this entire blog and watch the entire video below.

You will find some MLM Tips and Secrets that the Network Marketing industry doesn’t want you to know about.

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Until now they were a secret. But today you will discover the MLM training you need to finally be successful. To learn how to become a top 1% income earner in your company just visit my website.
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If your upline is telling you how to build a MLM business the traditional way then you are in for a very rough ride. When I started in this industry twenty years ago it was perfectly understandable to get the information across to the prospect via a hotel or home meeting. Made perfect sense because the internet did not exist, fax machines were in the infancy and cell phones cost a dollar a minute. The entire program was geared around creating a list of friends and family then going full force and getting rejected by 99% of them. Assuming you could actually get your prospect to a meeting then you had to hope they did not run away during the presentation. Assuming they were still there at the end the upline would come in for the “close”.

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This model actually did work very well for me. Being brand new to the industry and fresh out of business school I did what I was told to do and within 90 days I was earning over $10,000 per month. That lasted a full five years before I decided to sell my distributorship and start a traditional manufacturing firm. After that business was forced to close due to the great global meltdown in 2012 I choose to go back into the MLM business. I was about to find out the rules had changed and nobody bothered to tell me.

For the first three months in networking business I did what I was told and had signed up exactly one person from my warm market. He quit a few weeks later and I was left to my lonesome. In my mind I was convinced that business could be done like I had always done it.


I found a training system that taught me how to generate countless leads per day and convert some of them into my primary business. This network marketing training system changed everything. No more meeting or chasing friends, family and strangers.

Business on autopilot, leads pouring in and the cash is flowing again.

Discover for yourself how the system can change you. I come along as your personal coach for free. Not a bad deal.

But you have to act and now. You must click on the link below to view my six minute presentation of the system that is doing all the heavy work for me and it will do the same for you.

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