Network Marketing Events – Tips to Benefit the Most From Your Next Event

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How would you like to maximize every opportunity when you attend your Network Marketing Events?

I recently got back from Kansas City where we just had our Network Marketing event and I thought this would be a powerful topic for my blog today. 

This was probably my 30th event and here’s the result: 

My first company event:

Sitting mid room in the audience making -$300 a month

My 30th company event: 

Sitting front row VIP getting recognized on stage as one of our company’s top recruiters. 

It’s super cool to see this transformation and I can guarantee that without me attending these trainings, I would have never been able to create this type of success so fast. 

In almost every Network marketing company there are training events that the company will host and I want to share with you how to benefit the most from them. 

There are things that you must do when you have the opportunity at these Network Marketing events and I’m super excited to have the experience to share with you what these are so you can fast track your results. 

I started in the industry in 2009 and since I’ve started I’ve never missed a company training. Success leaves clues and I’ve always done what what my mentors have told me to do to be successful, one of those things have been attending the events. 

I joined the industry November 15 2009, my company’s next event was being held the following January, less than 2 months away, in Florida and I was in Vancouver Canada at the time. 

Long story short, it was a large immediate commitment…. But I went. 

I knew when I signed my distributor application that I was going to make this work and I was serious about it. 

There were about 3000 people at this event and the training was incredible. I got my money’s worth that first day and when I got home something was changed inside of me. 

I know it sounds cliche, but it truly built the belief that I needed to speak about my business with posture and confidence.  

Between my first company event and the one I just got back from, I’ve done some things differently that you might want to take note on. 

The fist event I went to I was shy and didn’t really step out to meet any of the leadership to build those connections. This was something that I really regretted when I got home. 

Network Marketing Events Tip #1

Make an effort to connect with the leaders in the company. These relationships can take you far, fast. Go up to them and share a compliment if you can and ask to take a picture with them. Pictures with these top income earners can do a lot for your credibility. 

Network Marketing Events Tip #2

Eat better. 

Sometimes these events can be long and because your mind is working overtime to absorb all the good training, you need to nourish it. 

There’s hardly heathy food around so you’ll need to be responsible for that. The worst you can do is carb load with crappy food. This just makes you more tired and lethargic. 

Bring a cool water bottle, mine’s pink because of my brand colors, and have some chopped veggies and fruit with you during the day. Energy bars always keep me alive, my favorite ones are the Luna Lemon Bars. 

Network Marketing Events Tip #3

This might be weird but I learned this from Pat Flynn, bring Chapstick! You’re going to be doing a lot of talking and the worst is chapped lips. 

Network Marketing Events Tip #4

This tip might be just straight up common sense but I have to say it. Show up and take notes. Sometimes your golden nugget of information is in one short sentence and you don’t want to miss it. 

Arrive early, get a good seat and absorb everything. 

Network Marketing Events Tip #5 – My Favorite

You know I have to throw this tip in:

Bring something that amplifies your Brand that people can associate you with. For example, my brand color is hot pink… So I have my hot Pink Michale Kors bag, my pink water bottle and sometimes you’ll catch me in my pink heels, depends on the event. This works wonders for you brand and it’s super fun to have people recognize you and build that association. 

The most important point of this post is

Don’t miss any of your Network Marketing events if you’re serious about creating an income with your business. 

Hope you enjoyed some of these tips and as always, if you found value please share this. 

Join the conversation below and share a tip that you might have for attending company trainings!

I love hanging with my team and I can’t wait to see you guys again in July! 

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