Network Marketing Tips For Prospecting and Getting 50 Leads Every Single Week

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Everyone is always looking for the latest and greatest network marketing tips that will magically sign people up into their network marketing business. The simple fact is, it takes work. Tell me if you’ve ever heard this before…”I tried it, but IT didn’t work.”? I know you have. Now, answer this. Have you ever said it? Be honest. Your network marketing company is an inanimate object. It has no way to make itself work. However, you do. Nothing works until you do, and that’s the simple truth.

What we did in this training was give you eight network marketing tips to go out and prospect, and get at least 50 leads every single week. Like I said, it takes work. If you’re looking for the get rich quick deal, then this may not be for you. For those who are ready, let’s jump in.

The first tip is to start with your warm market. This is how every mlm company that I know of begins to train their reps. I say go for it, however use your friends and family as practice, and be completely unattached to the outcome.

The second tip is to go out and speak with people during your normal daily routine. If you go to the dry cleaner, speak with the woman behind the counter. When you go to the post office, prospect the gentleman at the service desk. How about the bagel guy, or the dentists office. These are places you frequent, and are full of business owners who may be open to a side project with you.

The third of our network marketing tips is to attend local events. Car shows, fitness expo’s, bridal showcases, and electric train conventions are all places to go and meet new people. Collect THEIR business card or contact info, and follow up the next day.

Number four in our list of network marketing tips is post it notes. You can place these almost anywhere with your contact information and a call to action. It’s a passive marketing technique, but sometimes yields great results.

The fifth of the network marketing tips is a great one. Contact realtors, loan officers, and other professionals who already work in a sales or commission based environment. They usually have a higher tolerance for risk, so may be open to hearing what you have to say.

Network marketing tips number 6 is to go to networking groups and meetings like BNI or LeTip. Connect with other business owners and network with them.

The seventh on our list of network marketing tips is to join your local or county chamber of commerce. Another fantastic way to meet business minded people and create relationships with them.

Lastly on our killer list of network marketing tips is to find community bulletin boards, and contact the people who leave their business cards there. You can find these bulletin boards in deli’s, laundromats, and grocery stores. It’s a fantastic method to invite business owners to view your presentation.

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