Network Marketing Tips – How To Recruit Network Marketers

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How To Recruit Network Marketers… Easily

Recruiting other network marketers can be very advantageous and profitable to your network marketing business. (they already know the game)

But … You must do it correctly.  You don’t paint their company in a horrible spot and point out all of the flaws of the other company(s). That will just make you seem like a jerk.

In my MLM strategy, I will tell them flat out, “If you’re happy with your current company don’t move a muscle and continue with your current company. But if you’re not, it’s time to do what’s best for you!”

A current network marketer may be hungry for leadership, lead generation or products. Can you can help them with that?

They may be struggling to find people to talk to (agh – painful) or a previous network marketing leader may have just left for another opportunity.

Become a friend to them and simply ask a few questions to see if you can be of service.  This means you’re solving a problem they have.

If they are unhappy, they will tell you and then you can let them know why your company would be a good fit for them.

MLM Strategies For Network Marketing

Let me take you on a journey.

Say you’re driving down a busy highway and get a flat tire.  You pull over to look for a spare and find nothing!  You find out quickly, you have no spare and you’ve got to get to work in 20 minutes or you’re fired.

You find yourself stranded at a Shell gas station wondering what move to make next.

The way I see it, you have a couple of choices…

You could get in another ride (taxi or uber) and get to work on time.
Or you could be a touch stubborn, stay with your car and take the “likely” chances of you getting fired.

This is just like recruiting for network marketers.  Most network marketers have a flat tire with leadership, company ethics, needing a fresh start, etc.

They’ve already got a car but they need some network marketing secrets & need to learn the best way to recruit people to succeed.  Be their ride.  Be their Uber.

If you can show them how to succeed easier, better and more fun with your ride…

They will want to join you in a heartbeat.  But beating them over the head about how horrible their ride is, will not make them want to work with you.

What value are you bringing to their life?

For the full blog post about network marketing tips —

Or visit my blog for more about network marketing tips –


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