QNET IRs की सच्चाई? QNET Company IR Fraud. QNET Scam Exposed 1

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Network marketing or direct selling as we know is the future of distribution business, however, people are negative about this concept. Why?
MLM or Direct selling companies whether in product or service business never show a basic fact in their presentations about the Network Marketing business. 90 percent of the people associated with any network marketing business never earn a penny from the network marketing models presented by the company.
However, 8 percent of the associates promoting the business model end up earning a normal living, which is at par or more than what they could from any standard jobs.
And around 2 percent of the people associated with any Network Marketing business model end up earning in millions which as a matter of fact is the highest percentage of millionaires coming out from any sector or industry.
My friends, before joining any network marketing business we should check the below 3 conditions:
1. To Earn money,
2. To Recover Money, and/or
3. To Feel Satisfied with the amount you paid for the product/services.
If the above 3 conditions are only satisfied only by promoting the company’s business model i.e. by doing Network Marketing, one should never join such a business model.
I suggest this as 90 percent people will never make money from such a model. 90 percent people fail in such a business model is not a mystery. It is obvious that not everyone is good in marketing or promoting a product. Some people are born with excellent marketing skills and some develop such skills by sheer practice.
But, not everybody is inclined towards marketing/selling, and such people end up being just a buyer/consumer in the business model, thus make no money from it as sales is the integral part of the model.
From the above we can understand that from any 10 people starting the business around 9 will never be satisfied if the above 3 conditions are not fulfilled by company’s Network Marketing business model.

Q net specially do not satisfy any of the above conditions and that is why this company is worst to promote and 95 percent loose money with the QNET company

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