The Curse of Great Salespeople in Network Marketing

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A lot of times people get in network marketing and we tend to think that if someone is really good in sales, they’re going to be amazing in network marketing and what is more amazing than our thought that they’re going to be amazing is that in many cases, they are not. They are terrible.

Why would it be that people who are great in sales end up being really bad in network marketing?

They should naturally be good, wouldn’t you think?

In many cases, the opposite is true because in network marketing, what we do is about sales but it is a very different type of sales.

Over the last 24 years, having built teams that have grown to over a million customers, personally enrolling hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people over the years and being part of personally enrolling thousands for other people on the team, what I have noticed is that when someone comes in and they’re a great salesperson, they tend to think they can take those sales skills and use that to sell and convince people to join.

They can convince people to join, but what you have to understand about our profession is it’s not about convincing people to join.

Yes, you want to use your sales skills and your closing skills but what’s really important is in network marketing, we have to do what duplicates, not just what works.

You can’t only do what duplicates.

What happens in a lot of cases is if you’re an amazing salesperson and you go in, and you start showing someone your opportunity, your products, or services, they look at you and they think, “Wow. You’re going to do amazing,” but they don’t join.

Why don’t they join?

Realize the number one question people have when they’re looking at getting involved in network marketing from an opportunity side is can I do it? Can I be successful myself?

If you’re doing something that they don’t believe that they can be successful in, they’re largely not going to do it. That’s why we often rely on systems, tools, and three-way phone calls.

If you’re talking more than you’re listening, you are going to have a very hard time.

In any sales situation, you should be listening more than you’re talking.

When you can get amazingly good at filling the gap between where they are and where they want to go, that’s when you become masterful and you don’t learn all of that by talking.

You learn all of that by listening, by fact-finding, by you being more interested in helping them versus you making a sale.

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