The digital butterfly effect: 10 strong content strategies to reach the Internet viral Loops & waves of attention

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Attention is now regarded as the new currency of our digital society. It is everywhere and yet fleeting. It is what webmasters call “Traffic” and psychologists call “Perception”. Moreover, with the increasing amount of information in our world today(and there are plenty), perception and attention will soon be the only values to acquire. Be it for new websites, services, products, people and ideas. For the amount of information on the Internet is increasing much faster than the “amount of attention.” The latter is limited, the former does not. And thus inevitably with the development of the Internet, more and more information encounter less and less attention.

However, this means once again the great importance of content, traffic and link buildingfor companies to ultimately build this, what is at stake***: Attention! Or spoken in the marketing jargon, “visibility and reach”. Traffic, a subject on which there is already numerous entrepreneurs, startups and online busines owners have a tough time (and so do I ;-)), is practically is a perennial problem. Millions of online business owners vying for the attention of millions of online users. Let’s go a step further and think about what kind of content is at all meaningful for marketing. How can you even build powerful viral traffic flows?

A question with which also the makers of the new cloud services “Onebiz” have employed. This is on a straight course, with a good dose of virality to solve the perennial “Traffic” problem. So to speak, to make traffic building for the masses and to lay the generation of attention on the internet in the hands of a few mouse clicks. Apart from the actual message of viral content, the point at which the message was originally released is also crucial. If the nucleus does not germinate, then the whole viral effect dies off quickly and the action fizzles.

Good germ cells are therefore large multipliers such as opinion leaders and pioneers in the relevant market, that is, “hot spots” where many people orientate, and their opinions and ideas have a certain relevance. With Heiko Häusler as marketing professional and Tobias Knoof as strategic traffic expert, none but people who have quite a large portion of “relevance” in their markets is stranger at work with OneBiz,. Both have Thomas M. Duda, also a communications professional, who already had a hand in the game and in the building of the multi-billion dollar franchise giant “conrad electronics” on board.

Incidentally, there are studies in the U.S. film industry, after which out of 30 million viewers of a particuler film, it thus happened that only about 3 million viewers had seen the film. And that 3 million were in the cinema due to the influence of just 3,000 opinion leaders. Finding these 3,000 hotspots, is the great challenge of viral marketing. Maybe even only 300 But if that is possible, so the message can reach with minimal effort above average number of people. That’s exactly what the strategists developed at Onebizthe virtual dust, which currently with their launch stir (Alexarank 601!) is hard to miss. Only 600 more sites in Germany of about 16 million “” Domains are able to come up with even more traffic, visibility and market penetration. But all types of content are really suitable for viral marketing because it is not about the content art, but the style of the rendered content. I would therefore like to describe the 10 most powerful content strategies to achieve viral Loops & waves of attention on the internet here:

Develop exciting audio interviews with experts, for example, Skype interviews, telephone calls or podcast recordings. Audio files can be quickly distributed digitally on the web and can be played beyond the internet to mp3 players, smartphones and USB sticks.
Helpful pictures, collages or infographics certainly have to be the next “linkbait” the potential. In particular, the final category of infographics is happy and much used in the blogosphere and marketing industry to establish and control of attention.
Ecards contain the viral element of an email, and thus the potential for extremely rapid spread. Nothing is easier than to send an email with one click. Well-designed Ecards can reach millions of audience in extreme cases within a few days and be clever marketing links to the next viral wave.
Smart marketers have discovered, especially with Facebook, the particular mechanisms of viral games. The subscribers or download figures that have already been achieved here are very impressive indeed. Cleverly designed games , who thanks to Facebook and with a built-in inherent virality, have the potential to be the next “best-seller” at any time .
Contests are always a popular topic on the social web. As an attention-magnet this pulls in throngs of users regularly in almost every industry, because everyone likes “free” ! Really clever competitions link the price distribution with a points system, by which one through content sharing can even influence his own chances of winning.
Discounts / Coupons
The discount and bargain mentality, especially in Germany should not be underestimated. Bargain sites are booming. Unsurprisingly, Price comparisons and coupon portals have been bursting at the seams for years. Vouchers, discounts and coupons are therefore a popular means to build viral effects on the internet.
Software also has the ability to find the World Wide Web’s distrubutions as a digital file quickly. Everything that is digitally downloadable and Shareble is subject to these viral powers. If you can put your fantastic software as Light version, then you should indeed do.
If there is anything in large, even infinite number on the internet, then there are texts, PDF reports, blog posts and journal articles. However, they all involve a strong inherent virality in itself, since it is not the journal article itself, but the explosive, witty or electrifying information contained therein. If you have something exciting to report, write it down and share it over the digital hotspots of the internet.
There are viral videos that have gone around the world and have reached an audience of millions. You think of the highly emotional video of the Swedish “GEZ”, which made everyone (for at least 1 minute) a star simply because one could upload his own image in the video. When you have the ability then create such viral Flash videos and wear yourself to the world.
Goods and tastings were the viral agent of the offline world. Previously, Large companies who could afford it sent hundreds of thousands of samples to all households in this country. An extremely cost-intensive marketing strategy that, thanks to the Internet, is no longer necessary today. Nowadays, you send digital samples of your newsletters to your customers and ask them to invite other potential customers.

Some of these strategies will probably also use the newcloud service OneBiz This is namely noisy site not only be strong viral in itself, but allow the construction of viral loops all its users. The service sees itself as largely fully automated traffic, content and link building service and has literally at the first announcement to the Internet Marketing Conference in Spring in Berlin “everything cleared away what was”. But the story behind it is really sensational: two former arch-rivals (Knoof & Häusler) plan independently from each other and unknowingly its own national franchise system. Häusler was with its offline-based system a little faster. Knoof followed with his online-based system, only a few weeks later. Now both heavy guns have merged their companies, merged their franchise systems and with the franchise experienced communicator Thomas M. Duda a real ace in the hole.

Currently a lot of secrecy is still being made ​​around the service. But much is already seeped through the internal circuits: In the near future Onebiz allows users to connect to virtually any profile somewhere on the Internet. In these related profiles then information can be automated, are timed and thematically fed appropriately. All content can be as autoresponders are published by timing (scheduling) any or merged for months in advance and applied. The published contents are all portals and profiles across “unique” (once), because a powerful text-spinning tool is supposed to be on board.

Publishes a user, for example, a technical article in eg 20 Article portals, so will end up in each of these portals another spinned version. Onebiz users can publish their content in any desired social communities, articles portals, press portals, Video portals, blogs, forums, RSS directories, social bookmarking directories, podcast directories or web directories. A service of has the potential to really “vigorously pursue” not only on the German market.

If you look at the current “pre-launch” to Onebiz, and the virtual dust, which the project has been stirred up, then you can only bow with some respect! Because no matter if you later need the service itself uses or is useful. The fact is that the protagonists understand something very well: namely, to build a lot of attention and traffic and to arouse interest. Over 11,000 registered users worldwide and Alexarank 601 out of nowhere speaks for die-hard critics themselves! Especially since the founders have announced that most of the worlds of MLM, network marketing, franchising and affiliate marketing put together all at once.

I myself have already reserved my account here, as there will be only a limited number at the start according to the official website (to ensure system stability). The applications are all non-binding, but one never knows, so you get at least before, “the finger on it.” So register as soon as possible if interested. Although there is certainly need time, but when the guys, the concept presented in the IMK in Berlin and the OneBizCON can implement in Stuttgart, then the service is certainly a rapid growth before. Because there is hardly a mass more compatible problem of pain at the webmasters, bloggers, shop owners and online entrepreneurs in the world than this: traffic building!

Good Luck!
Job van de Pol

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