Tom “Big Al” – Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter On MLM Opportunities

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William Lawson interviews the all time Network marketing legend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, relating to the question:

‘Is Network Marketing just an industry for older people from experienced coorperate backgrounds, or is there really an opportunity for young people to build a successful network marketing business?’

What a way to start your video career. Interviewing one of the biggest giants this industry has ever seen…and I’m not relating to size.

Tom “Big Al” Shreiter, if you don’t know already, spent the first 18 months of his network marketing career failing…he had zero customers and zero distributors but he wasn’t failing miserably he was failing happy and motivated but like many Network marketers out there… he had no skills. Then he attending a training that taught him some important ‘skills’. Did I just say important? He only went on to add 100,000 people in the space of 2 years. And that was without the internet!

Ladies and gentelman do you need any more proof that building a network marketing business has got nothing to do with hard work and everything to do with skills!

Tom “Big Al” Schreiters audio programs on skills had rescued me from the trouble I was having before in my network marketing business.

So it was my pleasure to ask Tom “Big Al” Schreiter… is this an industry where young people can be suuccessful? I thought this would be of benfit to younger people thinking of possibly joining a network marketing opportunity, but not sure if they could do it or not.

I am young myself, 26 in fact and although I have big respect from older people now I had to get that respect the hard way and prove what my capabilities because like it or not, the majority of people will judge young people as inexperienced and imcompetent/lacking knowledge.

So Tom “Big Al” Schreiter droppped some golden nuggets, advicing young people to communicate more on the phone as the person on the other end has no idea how old you are. And I have to say it is true. BUT….if you are incompetent, not knowing what to say and do, then people can tell no matter what age you are. So learning the right skills is essential.

One thing that astonished me in my Network Marketing career is how much Tom “Big Al” Schreiter gives away for Free, and here is no exception!

But wait…I’m talking about me I’m talking about YOU!

I have a free ebook you can download that Tom “Big Al” Schreiter had a massive influence in, in fact all the skills inside the book are Tom “Big Al’s” Schreiter’s skills!

But there is a problem…although Tom “Big Al” Shreiter is offering this book for free, sadly there is not an unlimited amount to give away. There has been 100,000 downloads since this book was launched and it’s streching his resources so grab yours today while you can at the website below:

Wishing any young people a fun filled and prosperous Network Marketing carreer

All the best

William Lawson
Mentoring For Free


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