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Top MLM Companies

People ask me all the time what the top mlm companies are in the industry. Do you know what I tell them? I tell them that success is not dependent on which of the mlm programs you are in.

It’s dependant on having great marketing skills and providing value to the marketplace.

In this video I will tell you how to market your business based on my experience as an mlm consultant. By the end of this video, you should have some key things to work on.

Here is a summary:

0:03 How to succeed in any of the mlm programs you are part of
0:23 what is mlm and how you can succeed with mlm
0:45 Network marketing forum to help you
1:50 Do this to generate business opportunity leads
2:09 My mlm consultant experience can help you
3:14 There is no mlm scheme conspiracy. You can do this!

There are lots of ways to market your business and people often ask me what is the best way. Well, there isn’t a proper answer to that. But, I do always recommend that you have a blog to present yourself as an authority. That is essential and I explain about this in the video.


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People often think that the success in the industry is based on joining one of the shiny new mlm companies on the ground floor and gaining that early advantage. In actual fact, it’s more about having a strong marketing mindset. Like I explain in the video, if you can learn how to generate mlm leads for free, you can write your own ticket.

You may be reading an mlm magazine and seeing all the success stories. What you should notice is that they make their income through lots of ways besides their business opportunity. By the way, don’t listen to those who call it an mlm scheme! In the video, I speak about the importance of selling multiple products. This is important because most people will not want to join your business opportunity. Therefore, you should be able to offer solutions to people even if they don’t want to join your team.

By producing content on the internet, it is possible to get free network marketing leads, but it will take you some time. If you want a faster route, consider learning and investing in paid advertising. Some methods include solo ads, Google adwords and banner advertising.

You success is dependant on your ability to generate qualified targeted mlmleads. If you don’t do this, your business will not be able to make profits and it will fail. Sorry to be harsh and blunt but this is true. Learn how to generate mlmleads and you can succeed and scale your business.

One thing I always recommend is building an mlm mailing lists in which you communicate regularly with your subscribers. Before anyone will join you or buy your products, they need to know, like and trust you. To establish this trust, provide value on a regular basis. Follow the formula of learn, do and then teach.

Enjoy the video and please share and comment!

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