When I Gave Up On MLM & Network Marketing (Modern MLM Pt. 1)

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In this episode, I talk about how when I first got started with MLM, I was extremely reluctant to even join a company. Money was tight for my wife and me. It really started challenging my manhood and my marriage. This is the story of my struggles and why I decided to give up on MLM for a while.

I was in college, while my wife had already graduated. I really didn’t have time to be in a job. In fact, we were living on student loans.

I started looking for opportunities to make some extra cash. I started trying businesses and launching stuff. I was doing all kinds of stuff and nothing really seemed to be working. I remember I was staying up super late, getting up really early and studying and then doing stuff.

And then, one day, a buddy from college called. He went: “Hey man, I got this guy. He’s on the line right now. He’s going to help us make a bunch of money. I don’t quite know how it works. You’ve got to talk to him.”

He called, I answered and as soon as he started talking, I was like: “Why do you want me to pay a little bit of money to in order to join this thing?” I was like: “Shouldn’t I just be able to do it?” And I started fighting with him on it.

And I was like: “No, I’m not doing this. Is this one of those MLM pyramid things?” That’s what I asked him.

I was mad that my buddy did that. I hung up and I was like: “Absolutely not. Don’t ask me to do that again.” That’s what I said to his upline.

I ended up telling my buddy: “You know what dude, I’ll do it for you. I’ll join. I’ll jump on in.” And I joined his downline. I drove down to meet the guy that I had just kind of chewed out on the phone, which was a little awkward.

So we started writing down this big list of people in my phone directory and he didn’t let me leave until we called. I called everybody in my phone. I did. I reached out to so many people and I went hard, and people were like “No, no, no.” And it got really, really awkward.

Probably after a few weeks of running really hard at this, I realized that there might be another way to this.

I got so frustrated that I kind of gave it up. I was like: “I am done with MLM. I am done with that word ‘marketing’. I do not want to be a part of this anymore.”

Stay tuned to find out as to what brought about the turnaround.

Key Takeaways:

– My first big experience in the MLM space didn’t go well (3:12)
– Fast forward a couple of years, I was hired by the ClickFunnels CEO (9:23)
– Russell Brunson was playing the game differently than I had been taught (11:24)
– I decided to start putting up some recruiting funnels; I started learning how to attract people already interested in joining MLM (12:04)
– I realized I didn’t have a strong enough filter on who I was trying to get into my downline (12:22)
– There are millions of people out there who are begging to find another cool opportunity because they made their last one work (13:20)
– When I started realizing that I needed to be strict about who I was trying to attract, the whole game started changing (13:40)
– Three ways to grow a downline: Get more customers. Increase the amount of spending. Increase the frequency that they buy (15:08)

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