Why Top MLM Companies Ranking Sites Are Crap

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Why “Top MLM Companies” Ranking Sites Are Crap

0:14 – “Top MLM Companies” Ranking Sites Are Misleading
0:41 – “Top MLM Companies” Doesn’t Mean “BEST Network Marketing Opportunities”
1:01 – The Real Agenda Behind “Top MLM Companies” Ranking Sites
1:31 – Why It Doesn’t Matter If Your Company Is On A “Top MLM Companies” List
2:21 – What “Top MLM Companies” Ranking Site ARE Good For
3:34 – What Is The Best Network Marketing Opportunity?
4:18 – The 12 Critical Factors In Determining The Best Network Marketing Opportunity

Why “Top MLM Companies” Ranking Sites Are Crap

If you do a Google search for “Top MLM Companies”, what you’ll find is that some sites rank these top MLM companies based on totally irrelevant information, and the others are completely biased and are simply trying to convince you to join whatever company they’re promoting.

Now, I’m not saying that the companies that these “Top MLM Companies” ranking sites are bad, and I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t join them. But what I am saying is that you shouldn’t be basing your decision to join an MLM company based on anything these “Top MLM Companies” ranking sites have to say.

Furthermore, if you’re already in a network marketing company, you shouldn’t use these “top MLM companies” ranking sites to determine if your company is a good one or not…because in the end, there are only 2 things that really matter…that you’re marketing a product or service that you believe in and that you’re having the success you want in the business – or at the very least, you’re getting the mentorship you need and are making progress towards your goals.

– “Top MLM Companies” Doesn’t Mean “BEST Network Marketing Opportunities” –

The mistake people tend to make is to interpret “top MLM companies” to mean “BEST network marketing opportunities”, and that simply is not the case. In fact, the “best opportunity” is going to be different for different people.

Just because a company is #1 on some “top MLM companies” ranking site doesn’t mean that their products are going to be something that everyone loves and believes in. The #1 pick on a “top MLM companies” ranking site may not even be able to accomplish everyone’s income goals.

Not only that, but things like company culture, team culture, and mentorship also play a big part in people’s success, and different people respond to different cultures and styles of mentorship.

– Top MLM Companies | Factors That REALLY Matter –

So exactly what should you be looking for when looking for a Network Marketing company to join? Obviously, things like products and services matter a lot…income goals, company and team culture, and mentorship all matter.

But there are also many other criteria that can determine how successful you are with a particular company. One factor in particular can absolutely kill your downline, and many MLM opportunities suffer from this. I’m not going to mention exactly what this is right here because I’m sure it’s going to ruffle some feathers.

But if you want to know all 12 of the criteria that we use to determine how good a Network Marketing opportunity is, then click this link to download our full 12-point PDF guide: http://ocl.tlresource.com

Full Blog Post on Why “Top MLM Companies” Ranking Sites Are Crap here: https://www.ToddAndLeahRae.com/top-mlm-companies-ranking-sites-are-crap



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