Worldventures Scam | Compare World Ventures To Other MLM Companies

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If you’re considering getting into the network marketing industry, or are already part of it and possibly looking for a change in companies, you must take a strong look at some of the key factors within the industry.

1:06. Firstly, you want to look at what industry these MLM companies are in. Let’s look at some of the biggest industries in the world. The first one is cosmetics. Cosmetics is a $250 billion industry and there are many great MLM companies in this particular industry. The most popular and successful MLM in this category is Avon, raking in annually around $12 billion worldwide.

1:55. The next industry we should look at is the oil and gas industry. Now many would think that this industry takes the cake as far as revenue worldwide, but would be mistaken. This industry brings in around $3.5 Trillion per year. As far as I know, there aren’t many network marketing companies out there in this industry, if any at all.

2:29. The last industry we will look at is the industry of travel. Why travel? Well, what many people might call a Worldventures scam is actually an MLM in the travel industry. Now, travel is not a $250 billion industry, nor is it a $3.5 trillion industry. Actually, travel is a $6.5 trillion industry, outperforming the cosmetics and oil/gas industries combined! So when you’re considering a product to promote or a company to build, you should strongly consider it being in an industry that’s high above the others and keeps growing. People want to have a better way of life and enjoy themselves, and they can do that by traveling to see the world.

Worldventures Scam | Compare World Ventures To Other MLM Companies

3:30. When considering World Ventures scam or not, or if you’re looking at other MLMs, you need to consider the actual product. Is it something that’s in demand or not? Another factor is autoship. Does the company you’re looking into require you to have your products delivered every single month in order for you to be qualified for certain commissions and bonuses? If you’re in the cosmetic MLM industry you do. If you’re in the coffee MLM industry you do. If you’re in the health and wellness MLM industry you do. But in World Ventures, you do NOT need an autoship. You don’t have any tangible products to be shipped to your doorstep.

5:20. People say Worldventures scam! No, it’s a legitimate network marketing company in the travel industry. Consider how many companies are in the industry you’re searching for an MLM in. If you’re looking into the health and wellness MLMs, there are about 52 of them. That’s a lot of different companies to do research on and figure out what products you would want to first consume yourself, and then to promote, sell, and sign people up in your business with.

6:10. You say Worldventures scam, well, there’s only one company in the network marketing industry that does travel and that is World Ventures. They have been around since 2007 and are in over 20 countries, soon to be in Malaysia. It’s hard to have that kind of growth and be a scam.

6:45 Let’s do a comparison with the so-called Worldventures scam and other network marketing companies. What is the product? If you’re in health and wellness, there are other companies that produce these products, there’s also a need to pay for them to be shipped. More expense on your end in your MLM business. Does the company you’re considering have a BV/CV requirement in order to receive certain commissions? Not World Ventures. Another point here is that with World Ventures, the product is already something that people are spending money on like hotels, rental cars, resorts, and airlines. So what you get to promote is a product that if people are going to be traveling, are spending their money on already.
So when you’re checking out certain companies, you should be taking a deep look at these factors. With World Ventures, you get no competition, no autoship, no BV/CV requirements, no paying to produce the products. It stacks up against other MLM companies quite nicely, and pretty much eliminates the overhead that many others must have if you’re involved in them.
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Worldventures Scam | Compare World Ventures To Other MLM Companies


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